Cashmere wool or simply cashmere is one of the most luxurious and most expensive natural fabrics.

Because of its specific and useful properties, this is one of the most wanted materials. It is not unusual for people around the world to find 100% cashmere products in their local stores or in online stores.

One of the first things they notice about these products is their beautiful visual appearance and the price.

But, why is cashmere so expensive? The simple answer is – because it is special. Really special fiber.

Cashmere is special on many levels and we have decided to share 17 interesting facts that make cashmere special with you.

15 Facts About Cashmere

  1. Specific process of production – cashmere wool is obtained with combing of the lower hair (the lower layer of hair) from special goats that provide cashmere wool. The Cashmere goat originates from India and Mongolia, although in the ancient times it could be found in the neighboring countries like China . Today, the Cashmere goat is bred in many different countries around the globe.
  2. Thin fabrics with great insulation properties – The soft and dense material can keep users warm even when it is -40 °C although it is only a few millimeters thick.
  3. In order to produce one average-sized sweater, you will need wool from between 3 and 5 goats.
  4. Clothing products made of cashmere keep their original shape even after years of use.
  5. Cashmere products do not stretch and do not fade (of course, only if you take proper care of them).
  6. Cashmere doesn’t require special care, but when you treat it, you need to practice hand-washing.
  7. The ninth fact about cashmere is that each cashmere goat has the ability to produce between 4 and 6 ounces of underdown each year which is one of the reasons why this material is expensive.
  8. Cashmere comes in three colors – gray, brown and white, but this is a material that is capable of dyeing to a very large range of colors. It can be dyed as good as any other type of wool.
  9. Cashmere wool is used in more than 10 different types of products including women’s and men’s coats, hosiery, blazers, jackets, gloves, sweaters, socks, scarves etc.
  10. Cashmere fiber is six times finer compared to human hair.
  11. Cashmere was a material that was used by noblemen in the Roman Empire. Starting from the 18th century, this material became popular among European royal families and aristocrats again.
  12. Families in the region of Mongolia are still weaving and spinning Cashmere manually. They are able to produce high-quality Cashmere products.
  13. Cashmere fineness starts from 14 microns and goes up to 19 microns. Thinner cashmere is softer.
  14. China is the world’s largest supplier of raw materials needed to produce Cashmere wool.
  15. Cashmere is usually woven into two-ply yarn. This form of yarn has better characteristics – it lasts longer, it is more resistant to different weather conditions etc. However, since it includes two strands and requires more work in order to be produced two-ply yarn in Cashmere products means higher price.

Remember that these are only some of the interesting facts about cashmere, a material that is so special and wanted.

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